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I find this somewhat perplexing...I recently posted a shot I took on my iPhone. There was a beautiful sunset here in Naples, the clouds were moving fast and created a shape that led the eye to the sunset, the waves were gently folding onto the beach. I literally got down low, waited for the waves to get close and grabbed the shot. The whole process was about three or four seconds. The post on Facebook has over one thousand likes with tons of...


I'm thrilled that my short Film "Peace and Love" received an honorable mention in the Niagara Falls Short Film Festival!

You can watch it here:


It was a wild ride to say the least, sitting at home for twelve hours as the slow slow forward speed kept hurricane Ian over our home for way too long. We were not hit hard like some, some minor flooding that took out some cabinets, roof tiles peeled off, plant life destroyed, it'll take weeks to get back in shape, but I'm feeling so grateful, we know many who lost everything. This storm caught us all off guard. Up until twenty four hours...

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I just sold my first NFT...after I had just about forgotten it was up for sale! What a nice surprise!


Behind every "portfolio" shot are hundreds of other shots that didn't make the grade. Sometimes they just didn't turn out the way I wanted...others, Mother Nature decided to teach me a lesson for being too complacent with my safety.

This day I was way too close to a rocky ledge and I was not watching how quickly the swell was increasing. I got a soaking along with my equipment, but it could have been so much worse, I could feel the...

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Nice to have one of my landscapes featured in Naples Illustrated this month! A personal thank you from the editor warmed my heart!



I just made the front cover with a feature on my series "Unity" feeling pretty good about things!

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Don't ask me where this stuff comes from, but I feel I should share. I hope it brings some peace...even for a moment.

This is my inspired series of images. I use an old glass fishing ball to represent the universal soul we all share. So, no matter where we are physically, no matter what is going on around us we are all connected, we are all part of the source, one soul, one love.



Well why not? That's the question I ask myself. Some people are buying these least if I have some on offer I have a chance of selling them!

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Join me february 10th 6.30 - 8.30 at Bonita Center for Performing Arts, where I will be presenting three of my short films from my "Contemplations" series. We'll talk about what we have in common, things we all share. "Building community one conversation at a time"

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Well, I just dipped my feet into the world of NFT's and I just "dropped" my second NFT offering...up for auction now!...


I think there’s a lot of sadness out there, a lot of uncertainty, a desire to want to run away, but at the same time knowing there’s nowhere to run to….there’s also a lot of happiness a lot of good, a lot of kindness and a lot of hope. We have all of these things going on, mostly simultaneously and it’s exhausting. It’s been a long two years of COVID of uncertainty, of shattered dreams, but the change has also brought good things too. For me,...


Well, I've been in the process for a while, just putting ideas down, somewhat randomly, then I realized If I organized my thoughts I had an ebook, not an epic novel, but something I think would help some photographers, at least those who know the photograph is first created in the attention of the soul. Here's a couple of design choices I'm working on:


There's been a lot of storm activity out in the Gulf here in Naples Fl. I love storms, I love the turbulance they throw up and the ever changing dynamic. I love a nice sunset...when I'm kicking back with the missus and a nice bottle of Cab, but photographically they don't inspire me, after the sun has set maybe...I'm not being a snob, it's just there have been so many fabulous sunsets taken...would someone really call another one "fine...


The is a place, a special place that is both peaceful and sinister at the same time, depending on when you arrive. For me, it's called Dead Lakes and it's in the Florida Panhandle. arrived just before sunrise, while the fog was still dancing on top of the waters. This is the moment where the light can just fade into a nothingness, or it can be something magical...maybe that's why I love landscape photography so's the unknowing and...


I live in Naples Florida, it's a beautiful beach town on the edge of the tropics. Which means it has white sandy beaches...lot's of white sandy beaches. I guess if I had filet Mignon every night, at some point you say "enough already" Too much of the same thing may be ok if you just want to swim and hang out at the beach, but creatively it's pretty limiting. This is the reason I haven't been shooting lately...just a lack of...


For the creatives….I thought I'd share my thoughts.

I'm finally comfortable thinking of myself, and referring to myself, as a creative and with that I understand my position, my contribution. I finally understand the process, what is needed, what is required when you see yourself this way.

I see the job of a creative is simply to create, not judge. The job is to do the absolute best you can at any moment, not the best...


I entered my Contemplations, "Legacy" into a film festival in India called The Kalakari Film Festival, I did this mainly because some of the entry fee goes to feed the poor. It was a nice idea, and it turns out I'm now an official selection for next years festival in January!

"Hi Gareth,

We're Happy to announce to you that Jury members and 20 film industry experts have gone...


It was a cool December day when I found myself feeling somewhat melancholy and unmotivated. So, I decided to do something about it and I grabbed my camera to see if doing something creative would elevate my mood.

It was right in the middle of the 2009 economic crash and there was no business on the books, so I was feeling pretty apprehensive about the future, like most of us through that time. Having your own business is hard, thank God...

Apalachacola Bay.jpg

There is something so fantastical and so peaceful in the early morning hours. It's often hard to get out if bed before dawn, set up at a location and then wait patiently...hoping for the right light. There's always a reward though, even if there's no picture to be had...having that moment, the start of day, before the noise and craziness...when you feel at one with the world. This was one of those special moments where it all came...

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I'm thrilled that my Contemplations series is available on Vimeo On Demand. For the price of a cup of coffee you can support me in my creative journey. Thanks so much!

Naples After The Storm

Sometimes just a slight shift in perspective can change the feel of a photograph, sometimes a big shift can add a lot of drama. I rarely take landscapes at eye level, because that's what we're used to seeing. A dramatic angle with the right lens can make all the difference, add to that a slower shutter speed so you capture the dynamics of the water and hey you've captured something you might want to share. Here it is.

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Thank you Florida Neighborhood News for featuring my project “Unity” in the August edition!...

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My short (micro film) has made it to the semi finals of the Lonewolf International Film Festival, so I'm feeling pretty good about it!


Some people make my job easy. Bill was just great to work with!

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I've just finished a short trailer for my series of short films called Contemplations, you can view it here

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I'm thrilled that Florida Weekly just published an article on my latest work called "Contemplations" #contemplations #meditations #photography

Florida Weekly Article


Sometimes a picture can lend itself to a panorama. This image was screaming out for that format. I shot it on the 17mm Tilt Shift lens using the horizontal axis at each setting...I then gave it a little extra stretch so it would work in my clients space. The final piece was 36x72.


There is an element of "time travel" with photography. For me when I look at this image at Seawall in Acadia National Park, I'm transported back to the exact moment that I took it, the chill dampness in the air, the smell of salt water and seaweed, the sheer overwhelming sense of being alive and connected to everything. That is one of the true joys of photography. I think if this was a video clip, you would be reminded of what you saw, a...

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This is an old photo from way back when I lived in England. When I came across this picture I remember the exact moment I took it. I was in a bad place emotionally, the world I thought I had, no longer existed. I was so depressed it felt like I was having an out of body experience. Like I was observing myself drift through life.

Fortunately my best friend has always been photography. I grabbed my camera and headed out to the woods just...

Broadway Soprano Glory Crampton #1 .jpg

My photo called "ONE", seen here at Emillions Art showroom in Naples, was caught on film in Project 9 music video starring Broadway soprano Glory Crampton. Project 9 premieres Wed. April 28 7 pm EST sneak peek here:...

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Wow! April is turning out to be quite the month. I just received an award for "Best Micro Film" from the Vegas Movie Awards for one of my "Contemplations" called "Dirt and Wreckage"


I just finished a presentation on the importance of Self Assignments to the Maryland Professional Photographers Association. I had a blast, what a nice crowd over there. Big thanks go out to Jim Remington who got me involved! I thought I'd share a few of the comments:


Twelve months ago I had never narrated, I had never shared my writings, and I certainly had never presented them in public. COVID changed that by giving me the time to learn new skills, and develop my writing and narrations skills so I could combine them with my photography and share with others. My first presentation at Bonita Springs Centers for the Arts was a huge success and I can’t wait to do more!...

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I had a blast recently creating a music video with Chard Herd who is and exceptional musician and artist. It was a great collaboration as we seemed to be on the same wavelength through the whole process. Who knows, maybe I'll get to do another one sometime! Check it out HERE

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I'm really happy that my Contemplation "Dirt and Wreckage" was a finalist in the LA Short Film Festival. I actually only submitted as a bit of a lark, I had no idea it would have a shot at winning something. It's certainly made me rethink how I can get these works out there. Let's see where this goes!

Invitation BAC.jpg

Spend an evening with me in the Moe Auditorium at The Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs, as I premier three of my short films. These 4-5 minute films are part of an ongoing series called “Contemplations”, and feature my soulful landscape photographs animated, set to music, and blended with the me narrating my thoughts on a few of our many mutual human experiences such as, love, fear, and letting go.

Following the screening of the...


It's always such a thrill to see the work hanging, especially when it's in an exclusive, highly desirable community. My work hangs with other Florida photographers Clyde Butcher and Dennis Goodman and I have to say I'm so happy the design company, CID Design Group here in Naples, decided to use and support local photographers!

G shooting.jpg

I'm a big fan of persona; projects...shooting work that is totally for yourself, for the sheer joy and fun of it. My current project, "Unity" has helped be more expressive than ever before. To put it mildly I've been having a blast. What I've found, when you're not constrained by a client's brief, you can just go where your creativity takes you. For me I always seem to start off with the obvious shot, get that in the bag, play with it, and...


I will be releasing a series of videos throughout 2021 that I call "Contemplations" they are short films created from the best of my photographs, set to music along with my narration of my thoughts about the human experience. They are not meant to preach or philosophize, they are meant to let us think about what we have in common rather than what separates us.


This is an old image taken back in 1993 with my Pentax 6x7 using Fuiichrome Velvia film. I was walking the beach trying to clear my head and shake a severe case of melancholy, which was brought on by my Mum's passing after her fight with pancreatic cancer. It was a tough time for all of us who loved her, especially my brother and me. She was only sixty three and was the kind of person who lit up a room, and brought joy into those she met....


Is there a connection between taking great photographs and a spiritual practice. Well, I think so. Check out this podcast and hear what I have to say! Click on the picture above to read Skip Cohen's blog post, or follow this link:...


Skip Cohen's recent blog post

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Follow your never know where it will lead you.

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My recent interview with Peggy Farren for her Understand Photography channel. I talk about how I take my pictures, the importance of self assignments and why PikMobile is my story telling app of choice!...